Sideway Hair Style - Versatile, Quick and Easy!


You know those days when you have to go out, look presentable, but your hair woke up with very little definition? I might just have the solution for you.  This tutorial is going to show you how to achieve a great look with very little effort! I’ve worn my hair like this to go out to dinner with my husband, to go to work, or even on a little shopping spree with a friend . Versatile, isn’t it?
I saw a tutorial on this hairdo a few months ago on Nanda's YouTube Channel(it's in Portuguese). Her hair has looser curls, so I figured I’d also do this tutorial so you could get another perspective.

Super simple, you only need a few things that you already have at home:

Bobby pins (my loyal best friends)

Leave in conditioner: Whatever works for you. Remember, these should be lightweight. You don’t your hair to lose it’s volume. I’m currently using Wella Proseries Styling Cream, but I know it’s a leave in (smh).
Hair Gel : I just use whatever is cheap and smells good.  This NY looks is cheap, doesn’t leave my hair stiff and doesn’t smell strong.I said LA Looks on the tutorial because that's what you have in the States, which is pretty much the same.
Oil: I am completely in love with L’oreal’s Extraordinary Oil! It goes on smoothly and really locks in moisture.

Toothbrush or a bristle brush: Old toothbrushes are never thrown away in my house. Sometimes they go to the bathroom (we’re extremely meticulous about cleaning faucets he he he)and I always save a few to tame flyways.

Enough reading, let’s get to the tutorial!

Hope you girls enjoy it and always remember to pump up that volume!

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