Let's talk about transitioning - tips, motivation and my story


This post means a lot to me, really, a lot. This is my story and how I rediscovered myself as an adult just by being myself.
Many people ask me for tips on how to just have the urge to go natural and I always gladly reply because I know how much this change impacted my life (okay, 25 years old isn't a whole lot).
From 9 yrs old to 23 I had my hair relaxed with TCB, hydroxide, guanidine...As most women who did this, my routine was: relax every 2 months, blow dry and flat iron every week, umbrella in my bag every day and the gym was my archenemy.

Just to have a starting point, this is me when my hair was relaxed.

That was during transition

And this is me now.

It's a unanimous vote from my self-esteem,soul and heart that I've never been happier, ever!

I made a video with my journey, pictures and clarifications. The post is more of an extra to what has been said on there. On there I mention a few channel, people, tips and anxieties. 

YouTube Channel

I'm addicted to YouTube for everything! Cooking, make-up, creations, polemic subjects and of course, hair. While transitioning I was doing buns, Bantu knots and using a diffuser.

Alodia80 - She was my bible, my "Jesus". The do below I still wear it, but no need for bantu knots.

Taren Guy - I'd see her and think "I'll get there some day".

People who supported me

Auntie Noemia - She'd remind me daily about how I used to have beautiful locks as a kid. Her interview and her story you can see it HERE.

Boyfried/Fiance/Husband- Anderson would express how anxious he was to see what I'd look like after the transition. By the way, we started dating when I was in my 4th month of transition and he DIDN'T leave me (lol)! He loved me, support me, and motivated me by saying I needed to know myself to the fullest.

Friends - Juliana Xavier was so excited with the whole process that we transitioned together! If I were to cry, we had each other's shoulders. The day I big chopped she was the first to see after my Family. I'm sure she thought "Jesus, can she take it?", but she was quiet and told me I did a great job. Other girls also supported me by saying I was dealing with the situation so well etc. OF COURSE, 90% of my Family and friends would say "Go back to relaxing it, pronto!"


Alright, girlfriends, I can't lie. Transitioning isn't easy, but it's certainly not impossible nor does it last forever!When I say on the video that it's all about patience it's because it is crucial.
Don't be discouraged by setbacks, they'll go away soon enough.
Hydration is a synonym to transitioning: there's no way you can make this work without a routine of hydration, nutrition and reconstruction! On the first month I did extreme things, like going to a salon and having professional scalp treatments. Of course I chose serious professional. Don't you dare going into the first "walk-ins welcome" place and handing over your locks, ok? Then, after the first few months I bought a mask that my aunt suggest me, Morrocan Oil Hydrating Mask. Is it expensive? Yes, but it worked for me! If you have any other tips and your hair loves it, go for it.


No joke, I had 3 major fears: how would my new hair be, would I accept myself, and would I know how to handle it..
  • I didn't know what to expect from the "new hair" -  I didn't know if my hair would go back to what used to be before relaxing it 120 times (scary number!). I don't even remember what my hair used to be like.
  • I didn't know if I'd like the new look - I'm not going to be a hypocrite and say " Whatever it came out to be, I'd keep it.". I was sure if I didn't love it, I'd go back to perming it, no biggie.
  • I didn't know if I could take care of it- The only thing I can remember from my childhood was how hard it was for my Mom, Dad and Aunt Ilza to detangle my hair (LOL). So, as real as it gets, my inner voice would ask me " Can you handle your mane? "
What I can say is that all of these fears and anxieties got smashed day after day once I big chopped.I love my texture, I feel complete looking in the mirror, and no one better than myself to deal with the most beautiful mane I've ever had.
To sum it all up, what I'm saying is be shameless for real. Put yourself on the spot. Try it! And IF this whole freedom process you hate it, then that's a whole other story. From all the other women I met who went natural, only 2 relaxed their hair again and then regretted it. One has big chopped for the 2nd time recently and the other can't wait to trim those silly straight ends. Believe me, it will be alright.
Ignore all the negative talks, say no to critics that won't build you up, find your support (even if it's on YT channels or within yourself!) and research.

Now Playing: Andy Grammer - Keep your head up . I love these lyrics!

" This is just a journey
  Drop your worries
  You are gonna turn out fine"

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  1. And I keep up being sou proud of this wonderful mane!:-) love you, polly!!! beautiful in all stages!


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