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She's just one of those people who doesn't need an introduction. You see her and you're just drawn to stare, but it's once you meet her that things really become interesting.
I haven't seen her in person, but I've been hearing about her for the past 3 years and we talk through social networks. My Aunt Noemia who has given us an interview HERE already used to blab to this woman through the internet. Ju would encourage her to stop relaxing her and she was the one who introduced us to Bed Head Small Talk. This may sound funny, but this tiny little bottle saved me during my transition process! What a fabulous cyber world!
That's the product that inspired the name to this section of the blog!

Juliana Luna is carioca (what Brazilians call people from Rio de Janeiro),27 years old, 5'9" and is amazing in so many levels! She's lived in a variety of countries which allowed her to learn their languages, does yoga and, oh yeah, her beauty is to live for. As my Dad would say, " Beautiful, inside and out".
Currently living in New York, she's a dance, did theater, a model as a hobby, is in charge of the social project Arise and designs marvelous turbans. She does all that with her body and soul. The social project began with the sole purpose of empowering dosmetic violence female victms to have their self-esteem back through dance!  And the turbans? Each one even more beautiful than the other" They truely become crowns on women's heads!
You will notice along this interview that Ju is pure determination. Meet her story, be inspired and love your own hair even more.

1.How well is your hair accepted where you live?

Where I live now my hair is 100% accepted. People love my fro. I hear " I love your hair!" about a thousand times a day.

2. How long have you been natural?

My hair has been natural for at least 10 years (Has it been that long?! *_*). I shaved my head when I was 16 and ever since I've been allowing my identity to be shaped more and more.
3. What motivated you to go natural? How was this journey? What strategies or hairdos helped you during the transition process?
What motivated me was my tiny inner voice. I had this huge "relaxed" hair, but I was never happy. I'd always cry before getting out of the house to go to a party, school... I had to blow dry it, which always used to leave my hairdresser almost crippled, with no arm, and because of all the work, she'd charge me a lot! Oh, and me? I was happy for about a week... Then I would wash my hair, and feel awful again and my self-esteem was extra low because I hated all of that. So one day I was part of a dance show called 40 espontâneos with a Spanish choreographer  I left the rehearsal knowing I had made up my mind. I went to the salon across the street from the theater and left with a buzz cut. No drama. My short hair was so hot! I loved freeing myself from slavery! 5 hours at the salon for touch-ups on my roots and then leave with a burnt scalp. Let's not get into how much I spent during that time! Something like that was so expensive to maintain every other month, because my hair always had a healthy growth rate. It was a nightmare. While transitioning I braided a lot to help me retain length and it gave me options when my hair reached that "awkward" length growth.

Juliana back when she used to relax her hair

4.How did your family and friends react to your changes?

My family and friends thought I was nuts! I heard a lot of jokes from jerks on the street... A lot of people used to elbow each other, or they would stare, ask if it was a wig, turn their noses up, or remind me that barbers also had families... They'd laugh and point at me as if I was a freak show, anyways, it was hard! But after 2 months... I wouldn't even notice anything! My self-esteem just boomed and what I really wanted was to just shock society, just to have a chance to bring up the subject and debate it!!! My younger sister used to say that when we were out on the, it was like a reality show... All eyes on me!
5. How do you currently take care of your hair?

I just make sure it's conditioned and healthy. That's all. A lot of people ask me what i do to get my hair to be the way it is... I reply SLEEP AND WAKE UP! (lol) 

6. How would you describe your hair texture?
My curls are 3B, my hair texture is pretty soft... When moisturized lol. It's totally special!

7. Do you believe natural hair says anything about our identity

Look, speaking from experience I can tell you natural hair is an identity. I had to find my inner strength. I knew there was something wrong. I knew I wasn't reaching my full potential because of all these forced beauty standards imposed by a society that lives a fake racial democracy. There was that tiny voice in the back of my mind " Wait a sec., something is wrong... This isn't you!!!" What I learned from this whole process is completely immeasurable  I learned about values. Not only common ones, but individuals. I revived my essence that had been mine all along, but due to this whole social cultural factor, that we all know so well, my most powerful weapon as a woman, an individual and a citizen was being stolen. My self - esteem. For me that's society's worst crime, trying to impose standards on each individuals, because that is where violence begins. From trying to impose ideals, prisons.
8. Any tips or messages for our readers?

All these years I realized how blessed I was to have people who taught me how to be a better person. My Nigerian family that adopted me here in the States was a crucial step on my "turban discovery". I always loved turbans, but I thought they were too difficult to do and seeing Mami at ease tying these amazing fabrics she has, I asked her to teach me. Now, year later, and friends asking me for tutorials over Skype,email, facetime...etc... I decided to lauch my own brand called CROWNS OF NYANGA (Crown of the Moon). The turban brand are handcrafted by me and my Senegal master. Nyanga means Luna in the Xhosa dialect. My African boyfriend's dialect, who even confessed that after seeing me in a turban he fell in love (lol). Which means, I even got a boyfriend! All because my self-esteem changed after really embracing who I am.

You can check out my turbans on my online store at and on Instagram @crowns_of_nyanga

 Shades,colors and a whole lot of personality

With a crown on her head, a turban

Gorgeous, point blank, period.
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