The Big Natural Hair Tutorial #01


A year and 6 months ago I decided to really give my curls a chance. Called the hairdresser and asked him to come over and chop whatever straight hair I still had. Much to my surprise, I was not ready to deal with that kind of hair. First, it was tiny, second, I didn’t understand why it “shrank” so much once it was dry.

I gotta tell you that it took me a little while to understand my kinds. But fortunately we are now BFFs (that’s my super girly side talking!).

On the video below I’ll show how I get the desired volume with not muche effort without damaging the strands with blow dryers or curling irons.

On the day I recorded the video I washed my hair under the shower with Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Shampoo which smells delicious and doesn’t leave you with that “ Oh where did all my moisture go?”. Rinsed it and put on Tressemé’s perfect curls conditioner and detangled it with those dolar plastic brushes, sounds like a joke but they are the BEST! After I used Pantene Pro-V for curly hair mask and left in my hair for about 6 minutes while I showered. Done that, I rinsed it all off. DON’T take out just the excess otherwise you’ll end up with really heavy hair! After that I spread my leave-in evenly, which I guess Wella doesn’t have a Leave-in line in America, but they do here in Brazil J . You can pretty much use whatever workds for. I can’t stress it enough that I ALWAYS use a leave in conditioner, because if I don’t, I get crazy frizz!

Alrighty then, I wanna see everyone PUMPING UP THE VOLUME!

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2 comentários

  1. Great tips! ^^
    Eu faço justamente isso pra dar volume ao meu cabelo :D
    Estou amando seu blog!

    1. Obrigada, Amanda!
      Depois que o meu amigo me ensinou a fazer isso, raramente preciso recorrer ao secador!!!


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