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Last year on Sept. 2nd I got married to my very own Prince Charming, Anderson. I know for us Naturals this may mean big trouble when it comes to our hair. It wasn’t different for me, but I found a way to look amazing on my big day. Below you’ll find my interview given to Meosha from the blog Black Girl with Long Hair You can also see our wedding video produced by Salinha Filmes  on the best day of my life at the end of the page!

M:When did you and your husband meet?

P: I first saw Anderson in October, 2010. He is part of a local band and I happened to win tickets to go to one of their concerts. I saw him on stage and thought he was cool, knew how to get the crowd hyped, and just rapped quite well. But that was pretty much it. So, a few days after the concert I went on Facebook and tried to find him, which I did. But really I had nothing to say, didn’t really wanna sound like a groupie or anything lol. It wasn’t until Eric Benet released his “Lost In Time” CD that Anderson posted a status commenting on it… That was my opportunity to just go on and break the ice. We started talking and realized how much we had in common. However, I was really reluctant to just go on a date with him. I don’t know I figured he’d be this cocky rapper guy!

So, in March, 2011 his band was playing at a place close by my house and he invited me to go, which I did and took one of my girls with me. After the show, we met up with everybody by the bar and I was blown away! He was so polite to my girl and I and we spent about an hour together before they had to go. So we went home and that was pretty much it. I was kinda hoping for a “Hey, you wanna meet up tomorrow or something?”, but no. The next day I sent him a text asking if he had plans that night. Yup, I invited him on a date lol. Well it was amazing and ever since we just kept seeing each other almost every day. Then in September, 2011 we took a trip off to a beach and on our first morning there I woke up and he said he wanted to talk to me. He had a little black box in his hand and when he opened it there was a spool of thread inside. I was so confused that I didn’t even hear anything he said! Then he tied one of the ends to my ring finger and asked “Will you marry me?” and the ring came sliding towards my finger. I started squeaking and screaming YES! He told me he had seen this proposal on “Stepmom” with Julia Roberts and thought it would be perfect. He was right, sure caught me off guard.

M:When did you get married?

P: We got married at a site by the Paranoá Lake in Brasilia, Brazil on September 2nd,2012 at 4:45 p.m.

M: How was your big day?

P: I honestly wanted to get married ever since I was five when I first saw Ariel on Little Mermaid dressed in white, so you can imagine how much I wanted this day to go perfect. Well, our big day was MUCH more than what we had expected. We planned out every single detail and it just felt amazing to see everything come together. Love, dreams, family and friends, all at the same time. But as in almost every wedding, there was a little setback… My wedding was scheduled to start at 4 p.m. and when it was 3:40 p.m. I was getting ready to leave and Anderson called saying my Dad had forgot his collared shirt at home! Note that his house was 30 minutes away and they were getting dressed right next to our location. So, I arrived at 4:10 at our location and my Dad and Anderson didn’t arrive until 4:35 when my wedding planner came running to tell me we were starting because they had just arrived. I confess I’m always a drama queen, but I was just so happy and anxious that I told myself I wouldn’t let that get to me. We all laugh about how they ran into a mall and bought a new one.

So when it finally began we had a band play with violins and a keyboard all of our favorites during the ceremony, such as “If I ain’t got you” and “What you won’t do for love”. I walked down the aisle with my Dad to “ Close to you” by The Carpenters and it was just magical. As I walked up to Anderson he just burst into tears and so did I, which got a lot of our friends and family to do the same. After the ceremony we were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigues and danced to “Rock with you” by Michael Jackson. Ahhh it was amazing, hands down the best day of my life. I wish that day would’ve never ended.

M:How did you wear your hair?

P: My hairdresser asked me to wash my hair in the morning and condition it as I usually would when I do a wash and go, and let it air dry before going over to her apartment. She used a curling iron to do a bit looser curls on my natural hair, and then took a bunch of bobby pins and started pushing up the curls towards the front. Pretty much that was it! Then she pinned the 3 silk flowers I had chosen for the wedding.

M:What was your process of deciding how to style you hair?

P: My hair style was a quest since day one! I knew I wanted to be ME and still look like I had been to a salon. Thing is 90% of hairdressers here just don’t know what to do with natural hair. They just suggest you straighten it and do something ordinary like a bun or whatever! So, when I finally found a woman who told me she could have me, be me, but just fancier, I knew she was the one. I wanted to have official portrait pictures taken a month before the wedding so I knew exactly what I’d look like because I knew I wanted to feel fab about my hair. Plus, as dumb as it may sound I wanted to prove to everybody that you can look spectacular in curls in any occasion. So, we did!

M:How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?

P: My husband and some family members were my main concern. My husband had joked that if I showed up not looking like myself he’d whistle and a boat would get him out through the lake, but he said he was stunned by how perfect and unique I looked. As for my family, a great part of them were never too supportive of the whole “afro” look, but when they saw me they all said I looked gorgeous! The lady who worked with the video company told me I looked stunning and so natural at the same time, so I guess that went as planned!

So if you’re getting married, I’d like for you to think about these things:

1. It’s your day, be YOU! My fiancé would is pretty radical when it comes to my hair and would joke around saying that if I showed up straight he’d whistle and run away on a jet ski. Honestly, if the groom loves you curly, forget the others!

2. Make it be worth it. 
Come on! You show the world daily that being natural rocks, right? So on your wedding day it shouldn’t be different!

3. You’re only doing this once. 
I hope so! Therefore, be sure that it’s everything you ever dreamed of!

 That’s pretty much it, I’m gonna watch the vídeo again and wipe little tears off my face. Ahhh, I can’t get enough of it


Shooting: Gabriel Tenório, Pablo Le Roy, Anderson Tenório, Mauro Silva, Rodrigo Resende
Editing: Gabriel Tenório e Rodrigo Resende 

Photo Credit: Salinha Filmes, Tatiana Reis e Multifocco

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  1. LINDO casamento, adorei a música do video. Passo aqui todos os dias pra ver se tem atualização do blog, mas só hoje comentei. Poxa, não deixa o blog parado não, é tão difícil achar um blog brasileiro com uma menina linda como você e com esse cabelo MARAVILHOSO. Acabei chegando aqui pelo, vi uma participação sua lá.Bjos

    1. Oi Flor!
      Obrigada pelos elogios! Menina, se eu te contar que eu sou super tapada com questões tecnológicas? Meu marido faz praticamente tudo e eu só escrevo. Aí pra ajudar tudo, o PC dele queimou e amanhã vamos buscar. Mas já tem 2 vídeos prontinhos e postagens que serão lançadas rapinho!
      Não desista, tenha fé na minha pessoa hihihihi

  2. Ameiiiii encontrar seu blog fiquei louca e super emocionada com seu casamento, vc é linda adoro sua motivação e vou sempre ficar ligadinha por aqui beijinhos Divaaaa


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